Vice President Events & Marketing

Pasan Manukith

Pasan Manukith, an accomplished Assistant General Manager of information Technology with over 32 years of dedicated service in the banking sector, stands as a visionary leader and technology maven in Sri Lanka. With a robust background in strategic IT management, systems development, and project leadership, Pasan has consistently driven innovation, efficiency, and growth throughout his illustrious career at Sampath Bank PLC.

In addition to his professional achievements, Pasan is an acclaimed lecturer and trainer, imparting knowledge in project management and IT to international universities and PMP training centers. His volunteering endeavors as the Director of Business Continuity Planning at Sampath Bank showcase his dedication to ensuring operational resilience and effective risk management.

Pasan’s leadership has garnered numerous awards, including Sri Lanka’s 1st APICTA Award for Touchless Withdrawal in 2021 and multiple National ICT Awards. With a solid academic foundation, including a Masters in Information Systems Management and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Pasan seamlessly blends technical expertise with inspirational leadership.