The National Project Management Excellence Awards (NPME) are annual awards that recognize and honor the best practitioners of project management and their achievements in the project management field in Sri Lanka. The awards are organized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Sri Lanka Colombo Chapter, the sole administrator of the NPME Awards Program.
The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and celebrate Sri Lankan project managers, project teams, and organizations in Sri Lanka that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the country or a large community of the country or to any industry, and also to promote and improve the practice of project management profession while demonstrating leadership and initiative by advancing project management concepts, techniques, best practices, or theories.
The awards are open to any legally registered entity, such as a business organization, an NGO, a not-for-profit organization, a government agency, etc., that has started and completed a project between the period of 1st January 2018 and 31st of December 2023 and has been accepted as complete by the sponsor, client, or beneficiary before nomination. The nominated project must not be a project that has been nominated under a previously hosted NPME Awards. The project must have significant and tangible outcomes or benefits to the country. It must have been completed using PMBOK Guide processes and approaches.. The project must also meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • The project must be managed by a Sri Lankan citizen.
  • The project must have had an approved scope, schedule, and budget and implemented within reasonable tolerance in each constraint.
  • The project must be located inside the territorial boundaries of Sri Lanka.
  • At least 50% of the project team, including the project manager, must be located within the boundaries of Sri Lanka.
Awards and Award Categories
The NPME Awards are divided into thirty three categories, each with a winner and a runner-up and merit certificates. The best project that could be identified as had been managed best out of all the projects submitted for the NPME 2024 Awards and has met all defined project output and outcomes. Each nominated project is evaluated and ranked only against other nominees under the same award category. The awards committee reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year for any category if the review performed indicates that nominations do not meet the stated criteria. The awards and award categories are as follows:
Proposed Category
  1. Best Managed Project in Government Sector
  2. Best Managed Project in Construction Sector
  3. Best Managed Project in Infrastructure Development Sector
  4. Best Managed Project in Technology and IT Sector
  5. Best Managed Project in Telecommunications Sector
  6. Best Managed Project in Banking and Financial Services Sector
  7. Best Managed Project in Transportation and Logistics Sector
  8. Best Managed Project in Academic/Education and / or Research Sector
  9. Best Managed Project in BPO/KPO Sector
  10. Best Managed Project in Manufacturing Sector
  11. Best Managed Project with Green Outcome Sector
  12. Best Managed Project in Community Development / CSR Project Sector
  13. Best Managed Project in Social Enterprise Sector (Local and International)
  14. Best Managed Project in Agriculture and Livestock Development Sector
  15. Best Managed Project in Media and Advertising Sector
  16. Best Managed Project in Power and Energy Sector
  17. Best Managed Project in Digital Transformation
  18. Best Managed Project in Apparel Sector
  19. Best Managed Project in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  20. Best Managed Project in Tourism & Hospitality Sector
  21. Best Managed Project in Marketing / Advertising
  22. Best Managed Project in Health & Well-being
  23. Best Managed Project in Agriculture
  24. Best Managed Project in ICT Networks & Communications
  25. Best Managed Project in Supply Chain Logistics
  26. Best Managed Project in Finance & Accounting Solutions
  27. Best Managed Project in ICT Services Solutions
  28. Best Managed Project in AI and Data Science
  29. Best Managed Innovative Project
  30. Best Managed Project in Digitalisation Process Enabler
  31. Best Managed Project in Startup
  32. Best Managed Project in Fintech
  33. Best Managed Project in Retail Sector
Evaluation Criteria
The evaluation of the nominated projects will be carried out by a panel of reviewers who are subject matter experts based on the following criteria, as evidenced by sufficient documentation from the relevant parties:
  • The project met or exceeded the requirements of the owner, client, or major stakeholder compared to the initially specific project goals.
  • The project met or improved on budget and schedule performance compared to the original established budget and schedule goals.
  • The project demonstrated the originality and uniqueness of applied project management techniques, including the innovative application of practices/methods.
  • The project exhibited technical aspects and advancement of the project management profession through the effective application of the PM disciplines.
  • The project demonstrated the project’s complexity and uncertainties, issues, and barriers requiring particular management team action and performance.
  • Sustainability and Social Impact: The extent to which the project demonstrated sustainable practices and had a positive social impact on the Sri Lankan community or environment.
Application Procedure
The nomination process consists of two steps:
Step 1: The nominee will submit a duly completed application form with all the supporting documents by email to npme@pmicolombo.org on or before 26th April 2024.
Step 2: The shortlisted nominees may be called upon for a 20-minute presentation for the judges to make a final decision before 15th May 2024.
Application Guidelines
The nomination application pack must follow the format and rules below:
  • The nomination application pack must be in English.
  • The nomination application pack must be at most ten (10) pages, excluding the cover letter and the application form.
  • The nomination application pack must contain a cover letter that identifies all materials and documentation contained in the nomination and that ensures that the documentation meets all requirements.
  • The nomination application pack must contain a completed application form that provides all the details of the project and its achievements.
  • The nomination application pack must contain supporting documents or evidence of the project’s achievements, such as copies of any articles or media attention received as a result of the completion of the project or any other form of community verification or acknowledgment of the service.
  • The nomination application pack must be submitted by email to npme@pmicolombo.org on or before 26th April 2024.
  • The nomination application pack must be submitted by the lead nominator, who could be the project manager or any person designated by the project team.
  • The lead nominator must ensure that there are no restrictions on the use of submitted information and that permission has been obtained for using copyrighted materials included in the application pack.
  • The lead nominator must obtain the consent and approval of the project sponsor, stakeholders, team, and end users to submit the application and to share the details of the project.
  • The lead nominator must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the PMI and the organizers of the NPME Awards.
  • The lead nominator must declare that the information provided in the application form is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and belief.
  • The lead nominator must understand that any false, misleading information or any canvassing may result in the disqualification of the application or the withdrawal of any award granted.
  • When submitting a proposal for an NPME award, the proper channels within the organization must be followed, ensuring the proposal is received via senior management.
  • When submitting a proposal for an NPME award, it is required to provide a one-minute video demonstration showcasing the key aspects and achievements of the project.
Payment Guidelines & Inquiries:
The completed application form is to be submitted along with the payment of the application fee of Rs. 25,000/-

  • Account Number: 0003 6000 1407
  • Account Type: Current
  • Bank: Sampath Bank, Nugegoda Branch

A copy of the application is to be emailed to npme@pmicolombo.org with the subject “NPME 2024 – XXXXXX Category”.

For any further inquiries & details, please reach us at 0777 810899 or Email us at npme@pmicolombo.org

Presentation of the Award and Recognition
The winners and runners-up of all NPME Awards will be presented at the PMI Sri Lanka Conference on 31 May 2024. After the award presentation, the awards will be publicized through PMI communication channels and external media. PMI Sri Lanka chapter will acknowledge the winners and runners-up of all award categories at specified PMI events and through their website and e-magazines.

The final awards nominees, i.e., winners and runners-up, will be notified that an award is due for them before the event. However, they will need to be informed of the actual award. The project manager or a designated team member must be present to receive the award.
Additional Information
Any queries about this award should be sent to npme@pmicolombo.org, clearly mentioning “Clarification on NPME Awards 2024” in the subject line.
The decision of the designated panel of reviewers will be final.
In case the panel of reviewers feels that none of the individual submissions meet the minimum standards as stipulated in the guideline, the award will stand canceled, and no Winner and/or Runner-ups will be announced.
Key Deadlines

  • Last date for submission of initial information about the award nomination – 30 April 2024
  • Last date for presentations of Projects by shortlisted nominees – 10 May 2024
  • Selection of the NPME Awards 2024 – 15 May 2024